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Installation policy:
The original purchase invoice must be present
The installation includes air conditioners (split and window) and does not include any other products, for example but not limited to (clothes washers, dishwashers, dryers, or any other products).


Installation of window air conditioners:

The installation location must be free of any old air conditioners before installation


Installation of wall split air conditioners:

* Installation of the air conditioner includes (4) meters of pipes only for free (if the air conditioner is purchased with pipes), and anything more than that is at the customer’s expense. The price of a meter of excess copper is 75 SR, and if there is a cupboard or cassette air conditioner, the price per meter is 100 SR.

* Civil and electrical works are not our responsibility

* The height of the external unit (compressor) does not exceed 3 meters from the flat surface of the ground, otherwise it is at the customer’s expense.

* The external units of the air conditioners have a capacity of 36,000 units. They are installed on the ground, and if the customer wishes to hang them on the wall, an iron base will be customized with special specifications at the customer’s expense.


Installation policy, unit height, and iron bases are the same as above.
* Removal of the old air conditioner at the customer’s expense, at a cost of (100) to (150) SR, depending on the condition of the air conditioner.

Cleaning the pipes internally from traces of old Freon from the previous air conditioner at the customer’s expense, at a cost of (50) to (100) SR, depending on the length of the pipes.


After-sales services:
Installation warranty is six months from the date of installation.
* In the event of a defect in the installation, the customer requests a review of the installation warranty, and we send the technician within five working days  from the time of receiving the report.

* In the event of an error in the installation, the company is responsible for repairing it without any expenses to the customer.

* An air conditioner will not be replaced due to a manufacturing or other defect except after the issuance of an approved technical report to replace the air conditioner within five working days. In the event that the product is not available, we have the right, as we deem appropriate, to return the price of the product to the buyer.



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